Disable The Auto Hide Feature For The Unity 2-D Launcher In Ubuntu 11.10

Really loving the Ubuntu Unity interface - it's taking a while to get used to but slowly becoming a convert. My main gripe however is that the launcher is set to Auto Hide by default. Each to their own I guess but I prefer to have the launcher always showing on the screen - it's kind of handy to have it there if you run quite a few programs at the same time. To stop the Unity launcher from auto-hiding we first need to install the Compiz Settings Manager using the command below:
sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

In the Start menu do a search for compiz:

In the CompizConfig Settings Manger type in Unity in the filter box. Open the Ubuntu Unity Plugin:

Change the Hide Launcher setting from Auto Hide to Never:

The last step I had to do was reboot my computer for this setting to take affect. Kind of dissapointed that I had to do this - I'm not running Windows after all :P


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